My Story

Having been raised in a pastor’s family, full of musicians, songwriters and singers, it’s not surprising to see Shalane create, play and sing worship music. According to Shalane, however, it was indeed a bit of a shock. “Worship and creating were as normal as breathing in my family,” recalls Shalane. “You don’t think about breathing, you don’t stop and go ‘Wow, breathing is great’ it just becomes familiar and you keep on living the rest of your life.”

Shalane’s greatest passion is to facilitate worship and adoration to God; responding to who He is, His Word and helping others do the same. Her slogan comes from Psalm 34:3 and remains a constant invitation, “Come worship with me”.

Psalm 34:3

Her first official release, “There Is One”, is now available to download and listen on Apple Music and Google Play Store. This is a piano-driven worship album with all original songs accompanied by a friend, Pastor Michell Hobbs, on drums.

From singing in her car, to devotions and coffee, from spontaneous bursts of creativity, to creating something moments after a message in response to God’s Word; you never know where her next song will pop out! One thing is for certain, you’re always invited to join in.

Worship artist and singer/songwriter, Shalane Wellard, currently serves at her home church, Celebration Life in Surrey, BC, and has written over 50+ original songs for corporate and personal worship.